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Buying Life in 2015

Some fairly significant changes are in store for the life insurance industry in the coming year. As 2015 approaches, you should be aware of the highlights as well as the pitfalls to avoid. 1. Policies Not Requiring Medical Exams It’s no secret that some people are reluctant to take a medical exam.  Many have difficulty working it into their schedules, […]

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If you are relying on your 401(k) as your only source of retirement income, take a lesson from 2008. And 2000. And ’87, and ’73, and ’29 and 1907… Just since the late seventies when 401(k)s came on the scene, trillions of dollars invested in this vehicle have simply vanished during market crashes such as […]

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Stock Shock

The Ill Effects of the Ill Advised Two unrelated reports emerged yesterday about how our health is negatively impacted by the economy. The first may be a bit general and less than scientific; nonetheless, it’s not a difficult pill to swallow.  NYTimes blogger, Nicholas Bakalar, writes about a study published in the February issue of […]

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Attracting Key Employees

Classic 401(k) and 401(k) Look-Alike plans have long been the retirement vehicle of choice for many employers. In both 401k (qualified) and 401k Look-Alike (non-qualified) plans, the employee participants choose to defer a portion of their income and thereby defer the income taxes due on that income. Employers also defer a tax deduction on that […]

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Insurance that Sizzles

For nearly 17 years, I’ve had the privilege of helping scores of small business owners save thousands of dollars in taxes through unique retirement vehicles and health plans. Similarly, I’ve helped families find affordable individual health plans and term life insurance. In each case, I’ve listened to my client and then made my best effort […]

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