Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits for Prevailing Wage Contractors

If your business does Davis-Bacon or Service Contract jobs, we can help you reduce payroll burden, submit leaner bids and win more contracts.


contractorsWe’re experts in bona fide benefit plans for prevailing wage contributions, and whether you choose to use some or all of the available fringe dollars, our plans have the flexibility to handle a multitude of funding arrangements and benefit options. And with the government’s increased emphasis on compliance, having an experienced partner is vital. Prevailing wage contractors understand that in order to win more bids they need to reduce costs and maintain compliance. For years, we’ve been helping contractors achieve this goal.


Have you wondered how your competitors bid so low? � Is your contract as profitable as it could be? � Could you benefit from dedicated Department of Labor audit support? � Are you having difficulty managing labor costs? � Are you outgrowing your current fringe benefits administration? � Are you struggling to administer fringe benefits through multiple vendors? � Are key employees frustrated by the limitations on their retirement plan contributions?

Let us show you how to:

  • Save on labor costs and bid more competitively. We’ll structure a program that fully discharges your fringe benefit obligation outside of payroll, drastically reducing labor costs.
  • Stay in compliance with DOL, IRS, and state regulations. We have compliance experts both inside and outside The Beltway to ensure you are always educated, informed, and compliant.
  • Respond quickly and accurately in the event of an audit, to help bring a rapid resolution.
  • Eliminate the administrative burden and expense of multiple vendors.
  • Maximize contributions to owner and key employee retirement accounts. Leverage prevailing wage retirement contributions to increase owner and key employee retirement savings.