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We offer a comprehensive line of payment solutions for all types of businesses. We guarantee competitive pricing, because we provide our merchants with access to “Interchange Plus” Pricing.

An interchange plus (I/C+) pricing structure may sound intimidating, but it’s actually much more transparent and less expensive than tiered accounts. On an I/C+ pricing structure, the merchant pays the exact interchange fee in addition to a flat markup to their merchant service provider. This eliminates inconsistent buckets and overpaying for inflated tiers. Unlike tiered accounts that can have several different rate categories, I/C+ accounts only have two rates: the interchange markup percentage and a transaction fee.

For example, a business with an I/C+ merchant account with a rate of 0.35% and an authorization fee of $0.25 would pay the wholesale processing rate for every transaction plus 0.35% and $0.25 per transaction. The percentage part of I/C+ pricing is referred to as basis points. A basis point is equal to 1/100th of a percent.

Until recently, I/C+ pricing was only available to businesses that processed high volumes of credit card sales each month — usually $25,000 or more. Increased competition in the industry has begun to make I/C+ pricing available to low volume and even new businesses. Vesity Financial, Inc offers I/C+ and flat rate pricing quotes, even to new businesses with no prior processing history.

We’re partnered with three of the most respected merchant service providers in the nation, Capital Bankcard, Total Merchant Services and North American Bancard. Let us provide you with a detailed quote and cost-comparison simply by evaluating a copy of your current processing invoice.


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