How did your retirement account look before 2008? How does it look now? I’ve talked to many folks who say they are just recently getting back to where they were.

But imagine what your retirement account would look like if you had never lost any money in the first place. This concept is the subject of Patrick Kelley’s book, Stress Free Retirement.

Reviewing Kelley’s book, Jon Davis recently wrote for Fox News that the four things he most often hears from clients 50 and over are:

I don’t want to lose any money.

I want to participate in market gains.

I want liquidity in case something better comes along.

I don’t want to run out of money.

In his book, Kelley describes an investment vehicle that meets each of these concerns, and then some. He discusses several of these benefits in a brief interview with Fox Business, which you can watch here.

Stress Free Retirement is a book I highly recommend to folks 50+ or anyone considering a CD, stocks, bonds or any other investment.  Ask me how you can get a copy.