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Vesity Financial merges with NorthPointe Insurance

I’m excited to announce the merger of my company with a regional leader in group benefits, NorthPointe Insurance. This partnership enables me to offer my clients full-service benefits planning and increased customer service. NorthPointe brings considerable expertise in the areas of workers compensation, liability and property and casualty, along with a history of excellence in providing defined […]

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Banking on Babylon

You’ve heard of banking on yourself? Well here’s a free ebook that’s even better. A savvy client recently reminded me of this classic financial book which I hadn’t thought about in many years. Generations ago, it was a bestseller which banks, financial planners and insurance companies gave away to customers, though this same lot has long […]

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Greasing the Markets

The bulls bounced back this past week as futures speculators bid up the price of oil, which closed on Friday at over $52.00 per barrel. The broad US indices rode the coattails of oil, producing their best weekly performance in awhile. Last week the S&P 500 Index gained over 3%, the Dow rose nearly at 4%, […]

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Don’t pull that lever!

Are you or someone you know about to file for Social Security benefits? I wouldn’t if I were you… at least not until you first learn how to maximize your benefits. You may recall that last year I began offering a new service to my clients and the community.  Myself and a small team of […]

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Reading the Market

Worth the read: These guys may not know where the market is headed, but their opinions are entertaining and informative, so here ya go!…. Strong dollar weighs on US results published by US Equities This Is a Flash Crash Waiting to Happen published by TheStreet Don’t Expect 7% Returns Like Your Dad Did; The Long View for Stocks  […]

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Running on fumes

Are declining gas prices bad for the Markets? The past few weeks have seen an acceleration in the drop in the price of crude oil, with the expected contagion just beginning to work it’s way through the global financial system. At the closing bell last Friday, the S&P 500 Index had posted a weekly loss […]

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